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18,000,000 success driven business professionals who are looking for the type of programming we provide on Success Radio USA

150,000,000 internet users looking for internet radio shows and podcasts.

Dramatic radio is not dead. 87,000,000 people are looking for Dramatized Classic Radio shows of which we have thousands of ready for broadcast with new adverting slots.

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We will create a brand new audio and social media ad just for you,
or you if you have prepared audio ads we can start there.

Radio Ad Pricing

SPECIAL OFFER: Novelty Show Marking   $199 1x additional episodes only $49.00 each

Sound like the major sponsor of a Classic Radio Broadcast, and use it as a creative email marketing tool promoting a product, sale, or an upcoming special event. Make special mention of your favorite clients or employee’s during commercial brake’s. Have fun making them funny or serious. We have 100’s of Classic Radio Shows to choose from. Starts at only $199 additional and adding extra episodes is only $49 each.


Receive Monthly Visibility Reports Tracking Your Exposure

Let's start with the basics.

  1. When writing your ad you will want to time it. For a 30 second ad you have about 20 seconds to play with, save space for us to create a professional music pad at the be ginning and end. On a 60 second as you with have about 52 seconds.

  2. When you time it, it is best to read it out loud without rushing.

  3. Remember, this is just a spring board for our professionals to use to create for you a profession audio spot. More than likely your finished ad will not be identical to what you send us. However what we come up with will have to meet your approval before we air it.

  4. Our specialty is BRANDING YOUR IMAGE. Design your ad to reflect customer trustworthiness, dedication to quality and detail, professionalism, customer satisfaction and the like. Ads for closeout sales, special events, and other time sensitive promotions don't get results and are a waist of your money. Remember these shows get archived for the life of the show creating longevity for your ad. Don't create an ad promoting an event or product that is long gone.

  5. The button below will open a FORM PAGE in a new window powered by MailChimp. The information we collect from you is not used in any way to spam you or mass email you. It is simply our way of allowing you to send us your ad information and get you started. If you are uncofortable using this form simple send us an email with the same information, or just call us. No problem.

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     Email: CONTACT@iBNetwork.us
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